Short success story from Navision to Business Central

2019: Windows Client and C/AL are gone

The changes in 2019 can only be compared with 2009. At that time, the 3-layer architecture was implemented with the new Windows client. After ten years, the then introduced Windows client is replaced by the Web client. The web client has been significantly improved and has its puberty behind it today. And more importantly - it's just the beginning. It will definitely evolve. In addition, there are many additional expansion options that we developers have in hand, such as. JavaScritpts.

The latest main window of Business Central version 15 (or 2019 wave 2 - October 2019) looks like this:

Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision) - Hauptfenster des Webclients

The C/SIDE development environment with the language C/AL can no longer be used from version BC-15. Almost everything is still programmable and the application can still be customized to customer needs. It just has to be done differently than before.

All changes are consistent with the Microsoft-oriented roadmap.

Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision) - Road Map - 2018 - 2022


2018: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises

To date, the application of nearly 160,000 companies and 2.7 million users is used. It is clear from Microsoft's current roadmap that it will be a product in the future, whether it's a cloud or on premises version. The last one was renamed from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central in 2018, as well as the Cloud version so far. Only at the end it is an addition 'on premises'. Dynamics NAV was the name since 2009.

Navision has been officially named Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises since October 2018

The Rolencenter and the interface of the 2018 'on premises' version looks like this:

Dynamics NAVl (Navision) - Windows Client.

2013 - 2017: Dynamics NAV 2013R2 - Dynamics NAV 2018

In 2013, Microsoft introduced a new version (Dynamics NAV 2013R2) with the modified interface. This customization was synchronized with the other Microsoft products, notably Office 365. So less colorful colors dominated by white and blue. The product logo has also been changed and simplified.

Dynamics NAV neue Logo


2010 - 2012: Development of the role-tailored client

Since introducing the Three Tier Architecture and the Role-Tailored Client in 2008, Microsoft has experimented and perfected much the client. These versions are different from later versions with a colorful interface, especially on the Ribbon and stacking instead of tiles on activities on the Rolencenter. The 2013 version looks like this:

Dynamics NAV 2103 - Windows Client

2008: A year of huge shift.

The 2009 version (earlier than 5.1 planned) has brought a lot of changes. A new middle-tier architecture was introduced. There was a new client - RTC, which differed severely from the previous client, further referred to as the Classic Client. Two clients were still available in the 2009 R2 version. (From Dynamics NAV 2013 there is only the RTC architecture). A new Visual Studio based Report Designer has also been introduced. In the sense of system migration one could say - there were two eras - before Classic Client and after the Classic Client. Migrations between new RTC versions are relatively easy.

2007: Dynamics NAV 5.0

Old version, very popular and oft used to date by many customers. Named later as the classic client, version 5.0 has also been known under the new name 'Dynamics NAV'.

Dynamics NAV - Client der Version 5.0

2002: Microsoft buys Navision

In 2002, history begins under the Microsoft logo. But the beginning of Navision ERP software was almost two decades earlier. In 1983, first steps were taken. Everything can be read here  Navision History

Navision Client


One thing one can be sure. It's a success story, that continues.

Summary of versions from Navision to Business Central


Version name Technical description
Dynamics Business Central (15) Version 15.0.XXXXX.X - since October 2019
Dynamics Business Central (14) Version 14.0.XXXXX.X - since April 2019
Dynamics Business Central (13) Version 13.0.XXXXX.X - since October 2018
Dynamics NAV 2018R2 Version 12.0.XXXXX.X - Tenerife - planned in spring 2018. Not introduced.
Dynamics NAV 2018 Version 11.0.XXXXX.X - since December 2017
Dynamics NAV 2017 Version 10.0.XXXXX.X - since October 2016
Dynamics NAV 2016 Version 9.0.XXXXX - since October 2015
Dynamics NAV 2015 Version 8.0.XXXXX - since October 2014
Dynamics NAV 2013R2 Version 7.10.XXXXX - since October 2013
Dynamics NAV 2013 Version 7.00.XXXXX - since October 2012
Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 Version 6.00.XXXXX - since October 2010
Dynamics NAV 2009 Die erste RTC Version - since October 2008
Dynamics NAV 5.00 Since April 2007
Navision 4.0 Since October 2004 - the last old 'Navision' version.

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